Valin first came to Second Life as part of a university course on societies in a digital landscape, but stuck around after joining a Battlestar Galactica themed RP sim. Having a passion for flying, Valin signed up as a Viper pilot and quickly learned to fly in SL.

Having spent a long break away, the Covid-19 pandemic brought Valin back to SL as a way to socialize again during lockdown. After making a move to the Blake Sea region, Valin spends most of his time in Second Life Flying, Sailing and Driving anything he can get his hands on.

10 Random Facts About Valin:
1. Valin is proudly Canadian
2. His favourite food is Pizza
3. When he’s not flying a plane in SL, he’s working on a model of it in RL
4. Valin is a movie nut and his favourite movies include Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones and Jaws
5. He plays the Guitar
6. He enjoys painting minis for DnD, but doesn’t play as much as he’d like
7. He likes to cook, but likes baking more
8. He listens to Alternative music the most
9. His favourite colour is Green
10. He never ever EVER takes off the sunglasses

Also, Valin’s favourite quote is “Wiseman say forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza!”