The Nature Collective is a Second Life group created with the goal of cultivating a community around sims, spaces and projects which share a common focus on nature. It is our hope to foster a movement to help people engage and reconnect with the wonder and joy of nature, in the virtual world and beyond.

If you are a nature lover please feel free to join our in-world group to explore or promote your discoveries and meet fellow like-minded nature lovers. If you’re a nature creator and would like to join The Nature Collective, please read the Nature Collective criteria first to make sure your space fits the criteria and then contact us using the contact form or by messaging Emm (Emmalee Evergarden) in-world. Nature creators are able to promote their nature spaces and any events, etc., that are happening on their nature spaces both in the in-world group and our Discord server.

Speaking of our Discord server, it’s got both nature explorers and nature creators and has grown into a great community of nature lovers from all over the world! Come join us and meet your favorite nature creators, get first-hand information on your favorite nature spaces, new nature spaces and more! Nature creators, come network with other creators and connect with the people visiting your spaces. We hope to see you there!

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