Below is a list of rural nature spaces (and their sim ratings) that are Nature Collective Members. If you’re a nature creator who would like to join The Nature Collective, please make sure to read the site criteria first to make sure your space fits the criteria and then fill out the application form on that page.

Autumn Memories (M) –
Azure Haven (M) –
Bella’s Lullaby (M) –
Bly Festung (M) –
Briarwood Wildlife Refuge (M) –
The Butterfly Conservatory @ CK’s Corner (M) –
CSC Monte Corse (M) –
Dragonfly Lake (M) –
Dutch Estate (M) –
Garden of Whimsy (M) –
Green Story (M) –
Isla De Castaña (M) –
Isla De Novella (A) –
Isle of Elar (M) –
Joyful Gardens (M) –
Kuulua (M) –
Laguna Vecchia Vineyards (M) –
Lakeside (A) –
Lake Oblivion –
Loch Tredach Inn & Retreat (M) –
Luanes World (M) – Le Monde Perdu –
NANA Land (A) –
The Nature Collective – (main location) –
Nederlandse Bergen (M) –
The North Pole (M) –
The Northern Trek (M) –
Nordwald (M) –
Otter Lake (A) –
PerSempre (M) –
Seogyeo Tor and Tor Meadows Park (M) –
Serenity Oileáin (M) –
Soul Deep (M) –
Soulful Winery and Vineyards (M) –
Walsh County (M) –
What the Buzz (M) –
Woodhollow (M) –

PLEASE NOTE: Locations with an (A) are Adult-rated sims and there may be nudity and/or adult content on these sims.