Join Us

If you would like to join The Nature Collective as a nature creator, your space must meet the following criteria:

1. The sim or nature space must be public.
2. The main focus of the space MUST be nature and must be at least 50% nature or more.
3. Spaces with residential rentals can still join as long as nature is the main focus of the sim and the nature space is at least 50% nature-focused.
4. Nature spaces must be easy to navigate and should contain public spots to explore and hangout with no ban-lines or security devices.
5. Nature spaces on adult-rated sims are eligible for membership as long as they meet the rest of the criteria and are not actually sex-themed in nature.

If your nature space meets the above criteria, please feel free to apply using our Nature Collective Application. If your location meets the requirements, a member of our team will be in contact with more information and a single-prim group joiner to be placed at your landing/info area.