Stina joined SL out of curiosity for the virtual world, wishing to explore the boundaries of “all-possible” while still staying safe in the comfort of her shy privacy. She soon found out there’s no other path for her other than being herself. That path felt true and led to meeting great people while doing whatever brought joy at the time: from hosting at parties to managing EDM clubs, from the meditative process of taking pics and introverted people-watching to helping a fashion brand with numerous customers issues.

SL is still and always will be an endless source of possibilities for self-expression. Let kindness, respect, beauty and sense of wonder lead the way.

10 Random Facts About Stina:
1. She loves board games.
2. She always win at them. Always. Just try her – If you want to lose.
3. She is easily impressed by sparkles.
4. Magic exists. She has checked, double checked and proved it.
5. Animals need rights.
6. Stina is fascinated and endlessly inspired by cross-dressing and drag culture.
7. She is very much loved by a border collie, who’s her best girlfriend, and by a nameless ex-stray cat, who often sleeps in her lap and is a cause of most of her typos.
8. The nature and warmth that all beings share, keeps her afloat.
9. She likes to try new foods… and drinks!
10. For Stina, philharmonies are one of the strongest places of power.