(photo by Blaire Coba – xoxoechoxoxo)

Poi began floating through SL in late 2010, and was immediately hooked by the endless creative freedom the platform provides, unbound by scarcity!

Poi can be most easily caught passionately maintaining the grounds at Raven Hollow Equestrian, meticulously choosing what plants to leave and what to prune. Meister Poi’s idea of a ‘weed’ might be quite different than the average person’s! Otherwise, they might be found at any of their other projects and volunteer positions – constantly working to do more and bring more art, nature, and people together. One of their huge special interests is amassing a giant collection of botanically accurate flora in Second Life.

Poi is a “Cat of Many Hats” as they say, and always happy to be the sacrificial weirdo to help others feel more comfortable. They take on many forms and play many roles in First and Second Life from builder, artist, mentor, teacher, advocate, friend, and roleplayer. Poi is an Autistic queer non-binary, and their life so far has possessed them with a fierce passion to cultivate and maintain safety and inclusivity within this incredible metaverse with such rich history and boundless potential!

10 Random Facts About Poi:
1. Poi has 7 special pet mice, coming from 2 rescues…one who had 5 more on board!
2. They can identify on-sight most plant species, or at least, identify approximately what they are…buuut still working on mycological identification. That’s harder!
3. They achieved a yearly high-score of 8 citations from the city in 2023 for their ‘overgrown’ pollinator & herb garden.
4. Poi has been professionally building in SL for over 10 years. Poi’s first IRL-money-earning job was a Second Life build job on the teen grid back in the day when it was still a thing.
5. Poi is a professionally trained singer/vocalist and can be caught with an open mic once in a while.
6. Poi is an artist who mostly paints with acrylic and gouache paints.
7. Poi’s favorite animals are cats (all cats big and small., squirrels and other rodents like mice (especially the Oriental giant squirrels, ground squirrels, and all wild mice., donkeys/mules, goats, vultures, elephants, and gorillas.
8. Poi has hundreds of pieces in a personally collected and prepared/preserved collection of deceased specimens of plant, insect, and animal parts in jars, on shelves, in boxes, and more.
9. Poi’s favorite color is mint green.
10. Poi HATES bananas, but eats one about once a day!