Derriphan Vandervoort embarked on his journey in Second Life back in 2007, captivated by the boundless creativity and vibrant community within the metaverse. Enthralled by the diverse offerings of music, mesh creations, and immersive experiences, he quickly found himself deeply engrossed in this world.

A down-to-earth individual with a range of interests and talents, Derriphan enjoys landscaping, gaming, and exploring various creative pursuits. From shaping landscapes, to crafting unique avatars, and appreciating the soothing sounds of music. He takes pride in creating tranquil spaces that bring joy to both his fellow residents and himself.

Within Second Life, Derriphan’s passion is palpable in his dedication to crafting breathtaking environments. He is recognized for his contributions to picturesque landscapes through Athiss Estates and Athiss Gardens, where visitors are transported to places of tranquility and beauty.

Presently, Derriphan is deeply invested in his mission to cultivate spaces of relaxation and joy within Second Life. Through his ongoing project, he endeavors to create immersive experiences that evoke happiness and alleviate the stresses of both lives. Additionally, he is committed to fostering a vibrant sense of community, with a passion for uniting residents in meaningful connections and shared experiences.

For those intrigued by Derriphan’s creative endeavors, his Flickr account offers a glimpse into his artistic vision. Furthermore, his Second Life profile provides a portal to explore his contributions and connect with him directly.

In essence, Derriphan Vandervoort’s journey in Second Life is a testament to his unwavering passion for creativity, community, and the pursuit of beauty through landscapes.

10 Random Facts About Derriphan:
1. Loves all coffee and teas.
2. Avoids stepping on ants and saves critters from impending doom.
3. Definitely a Ravenclaw.
4. Ex Air Force veteran.
5. Loves to cook all sorts of dishes.
6. Creates crazy avatars (ask me to see them).
7. Innate ability to dominate movie trivia.
8. Spent several years in Japan.
9. Lived in the Midwest, Southeast, and currently lives in the Northeast.
10. Will eat anything except rutabagas, candied cherries, and sea urchin – yuck!!