An avid builder and lover of coffee, T can usually be found knee deep in a build with a cold brew in one hand and a tree in the other. T has been in SL for nearly 15 years and has spent all of them building and creating. In the last few years her project list has grown and as such she created the Le’eaf&Co. brand as an umbrella for all of the various projects the team occupies their time with; custom builds, landscaping, interior design, graphics and more!

In 2022 T and her partner Caynopened their home Tilheyra to the public and have continued to curate public spaces to share with the SL Community, including two mainland plots: The Le’eaf Forest Retreat and Le’eaf & Tinsel.

When she is not in SL, T has her nose in a book, is on a hike, crocheting, wrangling her precocious toddler, or chasing the leaves through the Blue Ridge Mountains.

10 Random Facts About Teagan:
1. Is a Slytherin
2. Drinks too much cold brew
3. Loves all things coconut
4. Throws down bacon cheeseburgers
5. Biked up Mauna Kea
6. Rode a Bromptom from Miami to Key West
7. Has only had one partner in SL
8. Tends a greenhouse attached to her RL home
9. Lived on the East and West Coast
10. Is a believer in all things pumpkin