Sol’s favorite color is yellow, and she loves sunflowers. Her personality is generally bright and cheery – just like the sun! (Sensing a theme here? LOL!) Sol is swiftly approaching her 11th year of being a member of Second Life. Over the past decade, she has explored the grid endlessly, managed a small venue, dipped her toes into the wildly talented live music scene, and as of two years ago I began my latest greatest passion of blogging. Blogging gives Sol an outlet to express herself in a creative way. Seeing Second Life from behind the lens has changed how she interacts with the grid and has given her a greater appreciation for the builders and creators who dedicate time and money to make the grid so beautiful.

Lately, Sol has taken to exploring the grid with her wonderful partner, John. They both enjoy soaking up the beauty of a nature oriented sim as much as dancing at a club with their trusted friends or nerding out at a gaming sim. If you spot Sol in the wild, feel free to say hello! She truly loves to explore new nature oriented sims and can often be found staring intently at a space imagining the photo and storyline to go with it!

10 Random Facts About Sol:
1. Sol’s favorite seasons are autumn and spring
2. She loves anime/manga
3. Shhe absolutely love cosplay! It’s her latest RL hobby and obsession
4. Gaming is so fun to Sol! But…she likes to keep it OG and play games like Super Mario and Sonic
5. She love graphic novels (Saga is by far my favorite)
6. Her favorite way to work out is to play Just Dance or go on long walks
7. So far Sol’s favorite country to visit has been France
8. She can speak Spanish
9. She loves to write
10. Soul food is the way to her heart…and well, soul.