Formerly a Dinkie Sphynx Cat called RigTorok, Rig is now known as Ryuji Astral! Ryuji has assumed all responsibilities of the Sphynx and Rig has now been dispatched on an extended vacation! Flickr & Discord still carry the name RigTorok which in fact is a © and is far too messy to change! Returning to human form is an incredible feeling; Ryuji can now see over people’s heads without being stepped on, for example, during the Trails n’ Tails walks! His main hobby is virtual photography. Ryuji has been in Second Life for many years, and never grows tired of the ever-evolving and exciting Virtual world of ours! The destinations continue to improve, especially nature places, making each visit a pleasure. In addition to loving Second Life nature, Ryuji is genuinely concerned about “Nature” in our RL world today, and believes that especially now, in Second Life, we can showcase the world’s natural beauty through a virtual environment. The Nature Collective is undertaking numerous projects in Second Life that have connections to the real world.

10 Random Facts About Rig:
1. Ryuji loves taking pictures and is rather out control and takes far too many.
2. He particularly appreciates the WindLight settings (EEP) and how they interact with objects and the way the mist appears to take command of the camera.
3. Ryuji appreciates Japan for its way of life; it’s a country steeped in spirituality and respect.
4. He believes that the purpose of The Nature Collective is to bring nature forward into people’s minds, both in Second Life (SL) and real life (RL).
5. Ryuji has developed a significant interest in female photographical portraits.
6. Ryuji likes long hair…both for himself and others
7. Ryuji is a horse-lover in a purely platonic way….
8. He owns a dragon cat as a pet, and often finds himself needing to wear flame-resistant pants!
9. He is consistently present for his friends, willing to go to great lengths for them, providing ample support and companionship. He remains available for specific friends, extending boundless support and camaraderie.
10. He appreciates the beauty of his surroundings and captures it in his photographs!