At The Nature Collective, we are passionate about fostering connections with creators who share our commitment to promote environmental awareness and appreciation in SL. We’re thrilled to announce our partnerships with some of the finest Home & Garden (H&G) stores in Second Life!

Featured Sponsors:


Cube Republic
Cube Republic is your store for all things horticultural and botanical, including a full range of plants and landscaping items.
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Heart Garden Centre
Visit the Wildwood Oak forest plus SL’s best tropical plants, palms, flowers, climbing roses, trees, tropical foliage for all landscaping needs.
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Konoha is an open garden and a landscaping decor store — Growing trees and developing landscapes since February 2020.
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Show Society logoShow Society
The Show Society is committed to fostering vibrant communities within Second Life through organized shows and events. Our mission is to cultivate camaraderie and friendly competitions, placing a particular focus on championing charitable initiatives.
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Studio Skye
Studio Skye Skye creates landscaping products to help you build your perfect SL! Studio Skye for: Trees, rocks, paths and trails, plants, shrubs, cliffs, beaches and dunes, forest
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We thank our Sponsors (and YOU) for supporting The Nature Collective and our mission to engage and reconnect Second Life residents to the joy of nature, both in the virtual world and beyond.