Flicker Bayn views Second Life as a canvas to express her perspectives, art, stories, sensuality, and creativity. She enjoys exploring sims and appreciates the works of various creators contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of Second Life. One would often find her either lost in a creative space somewhere on the grid or at Kawayan at Tubig or Ay-ayatenka idiay Atok—spaces she has created based on Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, Philippines, celebrating the culture and arts of the Tboli people and the Ibaloi people in Atok, Benguet, Philippines.

She loves writing and often accompanies the pictures she takes with a short poem. When inspiration grips her, Flicker writes short stories and shares them with her circle of friends.

10 Random Facts About Flicker:
1. Flicker is an Igorot, which means an indigenous person
2. She loves cats and dreams of having a black cat with green eyes
3. She is addicted to sushi and ramen
4. The Lord of the Rings series is Flicker’s go-to comfort movie
5. Flicker prefers savory treats over sweet ones
6. She loves both coffee and tea
7. Flicker wholeheartedly believes that Chris Cornell was the most gorgeous man
8. She was named Wednesday Addams during high school
9. Flicker can live in a mountain alone and has survival skills
10. She does a lot of traveling