Leela Starlight was introduced to SecondLife by a colleague looking to build an educational science center for teachers. Her first build was a prim version of one of NASA’s great observatories. She has since gone on to learn 3D modeling and is the alter ego of the builder for Kei Spot.

SL has tickled her fancy for writing stories through roleplay, brought her to the most wonderful and nerdy friends in any life, and expanded upon her childhood love of dollhouses by providing the BEST place to create ever. Several years ago, she gave up her place of 10+ years on a private sim and moved permanently to the mainland and has never looked back. The ability to explore without teleporting and discover along the way and to experience what imaginations have brought to life charms her in this virtual world.

10 Random Facts About Leela:
1. Her father used to wake her up at midnight to go out and look at the stars.
2. Her favorite meal is oysters on the halfshell with lemon and Tabasco.
3. She hopes one day to complete the microbrewery trail in her home state.
4. She is happiest wearing worn out jeans and canvas sneakers or no shoes at all.
5. She has a poem published in a college textbook.
6. Her RL and SL dogs look remarkably similar although the SL ones are quieter.
7. She keeps the waters safe, patrolling as an SL Coastie.
8. Her friends enjoy her mainland builds while they can because they know they are in a constant state of flux and reimagining.
9. She admires the wisdom of Pooh, Alice in Wonderland and Pippi Longstocking.
10. She owns too many instruments, although her latest love is the fiddle.