Cowboy Volunteer Bio photo

Cowboy has a passion for researching and advocating for misrepresented and underappreciated creatures, hoping to help others appreciate and respect even some of the scarier, uglier critters out there. In RL, besides being a nerd, he can also be found spending much of his time drawing digitally, putting models together, listening to music, or trying to learn something new.

In Second Life, when he isn’t spending time with his friends, he can usually be found enjoying the live music at clubs and festivals, or wandering things like museums and parks for a new experience and people to chat with. He’s also often at events, shopping for himself and his pals.

10 Random Facts About Cowboy:
1. While not an expert Cowboy does know a fair amount of tarot and astrology.
2. One quote he strongly believes in is Terry Pratchett’s “It doesn’t stop being magic just because you know how it works.”
3. His first RL tattoo was inspired by a creature from a medieval script, combining his love for history, bizarreness, and animals.
4. His favorite bonding activity is sharing music back and forth with people and jamming out with them.
5. He used to be a dog person, but was turned into a cat person by his tuxedo, Drusilla.
6. Cowboy has a hoard of knight related belongings – he has no idea how this happened.
7. He plays a fair amount of video games, but a lot of his favorites are puzzle games. He’s hopelessly obsessed with nonograms.
8. He’s almost constantly coming up with original characters and writing or RPing with them. Now if only he could get himself to draw any of them…
9. It’s hard for him to pick a favorite animal, but among the top of the list are aye-ayes, cheetahs, and wolves.
10.He loves digging up older and more out-there movies, especially of the horror variety.