Cayleigh has been wandering around Second Life for a little over eight years. If you’re looking to spot her, she can usually be found snapping pictures around amazing sims, spending time with her Second Life family, people watching, dancing at live music events or greeting and helping people at her home sim, Tilheyra – but most likely behind her partner Teagan, assisting and learning the craft of building and curating sims.

In 2021, Cayleigh, her partner Teagan and real life partner Nala, opened Tilheyra. Originally it was strictly their family sim but opened to the public in spring of 2022 so all of the SL population could feel like they belong. She is co-founder of Le’eaf&Co and has supported the family run group with their various endeavors, which now include two other Le’eaf properties on Mainland. In the real world, Cayleigh loves to read and play various video games with her friends and family. You’ll likely spot her at Disney World supporting her partner in his Disney obsession. Her greatest joy are her fluff kids which she’ll gladly talk off your ear about.

10 Random Facts About Cayleigh:
1. Spirit animal is Eeyore
2. Earned the nickname sass pants years ago and wears it proudly
3. Met her real life partner in Second Life
4. Has met most of her Second Life family in real life
5. Is a proud Hufflepuff
6. Has matching real life tattoos with her Second Life sister, Ashy and her Second Life partner, Teagan. BFFs forever!
7. Has a Twitch channel where she plays various games, badly
8. Loves light roast coffee
9. Former military brat
10. Favorite color is rainbow