Teagan’s passions and interests revolve around family, nature, and fashion. Often curious about new places and fascinated by the creativity and people, Teagan can frequently be found exploring the beauty of the Nature Collective. Underlying her photography interests are a fascination with creativity and how others express themselves in a virtual world.

She is frequently experimenting with and learning new photography techniques, and excited to join the Nature Collective as a blogger. When not blogging or exploring, Teagan spends time with family and friends, and often can be found hanging out at coffee shops, exploring destination guide areas, or shopping.

10 Random Facts About Teagan:
1. Her display name is Teagan Slade and she is proud to be a member of the Slade and Troglodite family.
2. She is often most relaxed when out in nature on a walk or hike.
3. Her favorite outdoor place ever to explore was Big Sky Country as a guest of the Crow Nation for a summer.
4. Teagan taught herself how to crochet during the pandemic and may have bought a bit too much yarn.
5. Teagan has lived on the east coast, west coast, and exact middle of the country in the United States.
6. Russian Doll is her favorite show ever.
7. Teagan is an avid reader and love many genres, but prefers non-fiction. Her fave book recently is “Fabric: The Hidden History of the Material World” by Victoria Finlay.
8. Teagan is attempting to learn French and is around the advanced beginner level, so if you speak French too quickly she may get a glazed look and panic.
9. Her favorite movie is The Princess Bride.
10. Her favorite color is purple, followed by pink