Aphiris became a nomad of second life about twelve years ago after coming to the conclusion that she needed a new creative outlet for creating spaces others can enjoy. If you’re looking for her, she can normally be found building or landscaping on one of her sims, wandering new and beautiful places throughout the grid, practicing her photography skills (RL & SL), or out dancing with friends. In both worlds, Aphiris enjoys reading, dark cottagecore, pretty much all types of music, traveling and meeting new people.

Aphiris likes to stay busy on Second Life by running her sims Chronicle City and Manta Ray Bay, co-owning Provocateur Magazine with her best friend, dancing with the Coffee Espresso/Red Starlight dancers and constantly learning new things. Chronicle City was established in 2022 and is built based on community and a place to be who you are and have fun. Manta Ray Bay is Aphiris’ most recent project, a place for relaxation, entertainment, and, if you have time, a little bit of learning. MRB’s most important feature is raising awareness for our endangered sea life.

In RL, Aphiris is a Youth Advocate for mental health and other needs while also going to school for social work with youth, she has a Disney obsession, has a bad habit of reading multiple books at once, loves binge watching old shows (current show is Shameless), and spending time with her fur babies. She can be quiet at first but once she gets to know you, she is silly, outgoing and a total nerd.

10 Random Facts About Aphiris:
1. Favorite movie is Labyrinth with David Bowie – You will catch her humming Dance Magic often
2. Her SL closet is considered “The Tardis” by friends
3. Has a Twitch & YouTube channel where she plays games & doesn’t promise to be good at them
4. Tea > Coffee, but loves both
5. Very proud Plant Parent who loves to create terrariums
6. Has 3 fur babies in RL (Bailey, Slayer & Xena)
7. Favorite movie genre is horror
8. Ramen noodles are her favorite food group (including the ramen eggs)
9. Favorite color is green
10. The sorting hat says “Slytherin!”