A note from Emm: Our dear friend Cyn passed away unexpectedly on March 10th 2023. Anyone who knew Cyn knew that she was a kind and caring person who cared deeply for her friends and the people around her. Always ready to help anyone who needed it, she always gave freely of herself and her time. She cared about our environment, the Earth, all of the beings who inhabit it. This love showed in everything she created in Second Life. She was also an avid animal lover and her love of rabbits and other animals was rivaled only by her love of coffee. She brought beauty to every world that she was a part of. She was a good friend and a big part of The Nature Collective. She will forever be missed and remembered.

Cyn has been in Second Life for 15 years! She originally came to teach a college course and was hooked. After taking a break for several years, she’s back and enjoying exploring nature-focused sims and operating two coffee shops – Jitters Lakeside Coffee House and The Dancing Rabbit Cafe. Cyn can usually be found in Second Life taking photographs and sharing them on Flickr.

10 Random Facts About Cyn:
1. She is actually Dr. Deere
2. She has five grandkids
3. She doesn’t build, she buys
4. She has 2 pups that are her bosses
5. She struggles to walk a straight line in SL
6. She is almost always carrying coffee in SL
7. Taking photos in SL makes her happy
8. She collects animals in SL to photograph
9. She has never changed her name in SL
10. Her RL name and SL name is Cyn