Primrose decided to explore Second Life in 2022 and hasn’t looked back. She’s a huge fan of the colour pink, and shopping, as well as exploring beautiful and unique places across the grid. Her preference is for forests, mountains and anything with a touch of fantasy where she can realise those childhood fantasies of being a fairy or a mythical creature. She’s also a huge fan of donuts and any kind of carbs and has been blessed to find some very special people in Second Life, including her partner. When she’s not exploring nature, she’s shopping, playing dress-ups or roleplaying.

10 Random Facts About Primrose:
1. Her favourite colour is pink, which soon becomes obvious due to the copious amounts of it she wears
2. Known as ‘future girl’ in some circles and that’s also her Discord status due to being Australian.
3. Adores butterflies and has put as many as she can in her SL garden. She is often visited by orange & brown ones in real life.
4. Might have a slight addiction to shoes in SL but doesn’t believe you can have too many shoes.
5. Likes to curl up with a good book when she has time or watch a movie with someone special.
6. Her spirit animal is a wombat.
7. Loves to play all kinds of games – board games, computer games, trivia, you name it!
8. Is an avid roleplayer and a few characters across different sims.
9. Loves her 90s music and dad jokes unashamedly.
10. Enjoys exploring all kinds of sims in second life, and enjoys a good mystery too.