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Current Book – April 2024

“Our Native Bees: North America’s Endangered Pollinators and the Fight to Save Them” by Paige Embry
Our Native Bees is a great fit for readers interested in learning about the vital role of native bees in preserving biodiversity, gardening, and combating climate change, while discovering the captivating world of these essential pollinators.

Honey bees get all the press, but the fascinating story of North America’s native bees–endangered species essential to our ecosystems and food supplies–is just as crucial. Through interviews with farmers, gardeners, scientists, and bee experts, Our Native Bees explores the importance of native bees and focuses on why they play a key role in gardening and agriculture. The people and stories are compelling: Paige Embry goes on a bee hunt with the world expert on the likely extinct Franklin’s bumble bee, raises blue orchard bees in her refrigerator, and learns about an organization that turns the out-of-play areas in golf courses into pollinator habitats. Our Native Bees is a fascinating, must-read for fans of natural history and science and anyone curious about bees.

For more information, and content warnings: This book doesn’t have any content warnings yet!

The book discussion – April 30th at 2PM SLT, at What the Buzz Bee & Pollinator Preserve

Silent Reading Hours:
► April 9th, starting at 2PM SLT – TNC Lodge
► April 16th, starting at 2PM SLT – The Bay City Public Library

*Events are conducted in general chat.
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