Mark joined SL in summer 2010. He was drawn to SL because of his interest in meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures around the world and intrigued to see what this virtual world could offer. Since then, he has undertaken many projects and businesses including managing musicians, landscaping sims, running live music venues, and creating new and unique ventures.

When he is not busy setting up another place just to tear down and renew after a few weeks, Mark likes to experience live concerts, take strolls around nature sims, explore locations to capture a photo and find the funny little easter eggs. He loves finding all the entertaining and random things SL has to offer.

10 Random Facts About Mark:
1. Mark has been playing all sorts of video games since the early 90s.
2. According to the most recent estimates, Mark drinks his own body weight in coffee in less than week.
3. Many years ago, Mark met Terry Gilliam in SL.
4. Mark can speak a few words of klingon and he is not afraid to use it.
5. Over the past 20 years, Mark raced many different cars on tracks around the word, virtually.
6. Mark is seriously spreadsheetophile and loves lists and charts.
7. Mark loves bad movies, “The Room” being his all-time favorite.
8. Cooking is one of Mark´s hobbies, and most of the time his creations are more or less edible.
9. Mark´s favorite animal is the Naked Mole Rat.
10. With a bit of love for SL-fashion, Mark spends too much money on clothes and thinks there should be more of it.