Garrett Joined SL in the before time, in the long long ago, before it looked so pretty and vibrant way back in 2009 after his best friend came back from college and showed him this “game” that one of his college lectures was held in. Garrett spent his first few months learning “how to SL” with a mentor and a community of lovely people on a private sim until the death of its owner forced the community to close. After awhile he move on to try his hand in the RolePlay community of SL in a Battlestar Galactica themed sim.

Garrett took a long break from SL after the closure of the RP sim that he spent most of his time. On his return he met Emm who inspired him to put the skills he had learned to use by helping her to create nature themed spaces. Together they created Willow Creek National Park, which is now closed.

10 Random Facts About Garrett:
1. If a song is playing, and he knows the words….he will sing. He can’t help it!
2. He plays a little Piano, Guitar and Bass Guitar
3. Is 420 friendly 😀
4. Is Canadian
5. Graduated Culinary School
6. Is a former Military Medic
7. Garrett has the cutest Boston Terrier puppy named Ripley, and a Big male long-haired Tabby named Oliver who is 3.
8. His favorite food to eat is potatoes – mashed, fries, scalloped, roasted… potatoes are amazing! His favorite to cook though is soups and sauces.
9. Garrett enjoys nature, especially anything around water. He loves to swim and pretty much all forms of water sports.
10. Garrett loves live music both in real life and in SL. He has been to some great concerts and would love to go to more!