Meet Geiger, a nature enthusiast who finds solace by grounding himself barefoot on the earth and immersing himself in the serenity of his natural surroundings. Water holds a special allure for him, serving as a constant reminder of his humble place in the world.

But Geiger’s passions extend beyond nature; he’s a true creator at heart. Whether he’s painting, sculpting, crafting, or exploring new artistic endeavors, he thrives on the joy of making something from nothing. In the virtual world of Second Life (SL), you’ll often find him lost in the creative process within a digital realm or fully engaged in role-playing one of his beloved characters.

With a wealth of experience in Photoshop, Geiger embraces the opportunity to dive into the intricate world of digital design, finding a sense of peace and fulfillment as he brings his visions to life.

In his downtime, Geiger enjoys indulging in his love for movies, delving into captivating books, and exploring a range of YouTube channels, from the spooky and mysterious to the intriguing realm of non-verbal body language.

10 Random Facts About Geiger:
1. Coolest headpats given in RL? Wild dolphin.
2. Scariest animal ever fed in RL? Dwarf croc. (Geiger has also fed large and small sharks, tigers, bats, eels, arapaima, stingrays and many more.)
3. Geiger’s current job is helping keep parks clean.
4. His prior job was back of house at a zoo.
5. Geiger is a bat ambassador, which means he advocates for them and LOVE bats!
6. He’s slightly obsessed with fish.
7. He’s been drawing since he was just a tiny kid, on his walls, until his parents quickly showed him the magic of paper.
8. He’s worked with so many animals! He specialized in elasmobranchs, (sharks, rays, skates), but has also worked with bats, birds, reptiles and more.
9. He got to spend a few years working at a large feline sanctuary/rescue before moving. He’s also done field research in the ocean and on land!
10. He talks to animals and every single one of them is baby.