The Nature Collective is honored to be featured on Virtual Community Radio’s (VCRadio) “Where Have you Been?” segment. The episode will air Wednesday August 10th at Noon SLT and again at 4pm SLT. You can listen to the episode on their website: by using the audio player located in the right-hand side column.

The episode will replay on August 13, 17, 20, 24, and 27 at Noon SLT and 4pm SLT on those days for a total of 12 broadcasts over six days. After that it will be moved to the VCRadio MixCloud page for Play on Demand and can be found here (These broadcast dates have also been added to TNC event calendar –

The episode will be run in conjunction with NatureCon, a two-week virtual conference seeking to unite and inspire collaboration between Bellisseria and Mainland organizations under the shared goal of promoting exploration across the grid. You can find more information on NatureCon here –

Make sure to tune in and show your support of The Nature Collective, NatureCon and SL nature!