The Nature Collective is looking to add more volunteers to our growing team! We are looking for fellow nature lovers with a keen sense of wonder and adventure who want to make a difference in both our virtual and physical worlds. The following positions are available:

Nature Scouts: Responsible for scouting out nature locations to join The Nature Collective as well as monthly location checks of TNC members.

Nature Ambassadors: Will help out with SL group, Discord and social media member engagement and help answer any questions from group members.

TNC Bloggers: Will be responsible for blogging about TNC member locations, either on a personal blog or Flickr, as well as using TNC member locations as backdrops for general photos and blog posts.

Interested applicants can apply here.

** Please note, although volunteer position work is done on your own time as your schedule allows, it is expected that you are able to commit at the very minimum, 1 hour a week towards your volunteer work for The Nature Collective.