Hello everyone and welcome to 2023! We hope you had a good holiday season filled with all of the things that make your heart happy! We here at The Nature Collective are refreshed and ready to go with some exciting news and plans for the upcoming year.

The Nature Collective grew in leaps in bounds in 2022. We ended the year with just a little over 1000 group members and 117 member locations. Our main focus was on growing the Collective to provide as many member locations as we could but we grew a little TOO fast (not always a bad thing). To help manage our new growth we had to restructure a bit and add some new team members.

Kestrel Evergarden is now our Outreach & Communication Coordinator. She is in charge of TNC marketing and outreach efforts as well as running and curating the new Gallery TNC. Also on her team as Assistant Gallery Curator is Cayleigh Aurelia.

Teagan Lefevre is our new Project Manager. She will be helping out with planning and development and helping to keep our team on track.

And we are pleased to also welcome Catori Mistwalker and Stable Mum to the TNC team as our TNC Book Club Moderators!

We will also be looking to add more volunteers in the coming weeks including an Activities Coordinator along with Nature Scouts, Nature Ambassadors and TNC Bloggers. Please keep an eye out for additional information!


Our focus this year will be on expanding nature-related activities for our members, both in SL and out in the physical world. We are working on rolling out some new group activities that will start this month with our new Rails, Trails & Sails (RTS) venture. Once a month we have group train rides along the mainland continents, horseback rides through TNC member locations and group sailing/boating trips along various water routes.

Another new group activity will be our Coffee Collective. These informal meet-ups will happen twice a month at various TNC member location coffee shops and cafes, etc. We are hoping these will provide good opportunities to meet new people over a cup of coffee.


With the new direction and visions for this year, we decided that our logo needed a little refresh. You can get a sneak peek here!


Over the coming weeks we will be sharing more information and rolling out our new activities, the first of which will start next week with the following activities:

Coffee Collective: January 11th at 10 am SLT
RTS Rail Ride: January 14th at 6pm SLT

Also next week will be our monthly TNC Book Club meet-up: January 14th at 12 noon SLT

We hope that you are as excited as we are about all of the upcoming changes and events. All of us here on the TNC team want to thank all of you for your continued support. We couldn’t do this without you!

Any questions on anything? Please contact Emmalee Evergarden or Kestrel Evergarden.
Happy exploring!