TNC at Else Cove
(The Nature Collective, Else Cove Entrance)


Set sail with the Nature Collective at our newest location, Else Cove (pronounced El-sah in Norwegian). Established in July 2023 and located in beautiful Second Norway off the Blake Sea, Else Cove is home to our newest sailing event, Come Sail Away. In addition to our recently launched sailing event, numerous additional activities are available, such as:

  • The Else Cove Clubhouse with sail-up access, food, games and beautiful outdoor patios overlooking the water
  • Numerous secluded hangout spots, perfect for enjoying private moments with friends and loved ones
  • Sailing access with rez zone and docks, including a FREE sailboat to those interested in trying their hand at sailing
  • Boating with numerous rowboat and inflatable boat rezzers options
  • Kayaking
  • Swimming with FREE swim HUD
  • Beach camping
  • N-O fishing and tournaments
  • Games throughout the area and more!
  • And BOAT SLIP RENTALS for those with boat life dreams! TNC members even get 1 WEEK FREE when they rent a boat slip!




We are excited to announce a new partnership with Luxory Estates, the SL land management company who owns and oversees Second Norway, where Else Cove is located. Love the area and want to call the open sea and surrounding tranquil beauty, home? Or do you prefer mountains, lakes, forest retreats, tropical, New England charm or something entirely different? Luxory Estates has you covered! In addition to the serene and quiet coast-ways of Second Norway, Luxory Estates also offers beautifully decorated, fully developed land in hundreds of lag-free regions with their Luxory Estate offerings, as well as professionally landscaped full homesteads & full-prim region land through Willowdale Estates. There really is something for everyone!

And as a Nature Collective group member, you can now receive a 5% DISCOUNT on Second Norway, Willowdale Estate and Luxory Estates rentals. Visit their land stores today! Come be our neighbor! Your new home is waiting for you!

Questions regarding Come Sail Away with TNC or The Nature Collective in general? Please contact Emm Evergarden or any of the TNC Admin Team.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to get your TNC Discount, you must tell the Luxory Manager that you are a TNC Group Member. Once this has been verified, your discount will be applied.

Please be aware that it could take up to 24 hours for your discount to be applied.

If you have any questions on your rental discount, please contact a Luxory, Willowdale or Second Norway Manager.