The SL Living Expo stands as a key Mega Event for Relay For Life of Second Life, a vital component of the American Cancer Society’s fundraising efforts. The expo aims to unite our experiences of living, working, and playing in Second Life, all while championing awareness and fundraising for the American Cancer Society. This years 4-region Expo accomplishes this by expanding upon the theme of home and garden and refreshing it in new and exciting ways by adding aviation, nautical, activities and experiences to give a glimpse into the way we live and enjoy our Second Life.

The Nature Collective is delighted to participate, offering an exhibit showcasing nature in SL, details about TNC, and a free gift for visitors, albeit guarded by a playful raccoon. We invite you to join us at the Expo and explore the diverse exhibits on display.

The SL Living Expo runs from February 2nd through the 16th, 2024.
You can visit the landing hub here.

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