We are currently working on a significant overhaul and expansion of The Nature Collective, aiming to enhance interactivity and enjoyment for our group members and visitors. This expansion was made possible by a generous land donation from Ayame Kintsugi-Moon, the visionary and founder behind the former Moorcroft community. As of November 28, 2023, Phase 1 of our reconstruction plan has been successfully executed. This milestone marks the opening of the main Lodge, which hosts Coffee House TNC, our new Nature Exhibit Room, and our main lobby which houses information about our events, Explorer HUD kiosk and more.

Moorcroft Forest Trail, named in tribute to the former Moorcroft community that existed prior to TNC in this area, and the initial segment of our expansive hiking/horseback riding trails is also now accessible. A custom Teegle horse rezzer is available at the trailhead, and once the entire construction and trail network are completed, you’ll be able to obtain a trail map to guide your exploration. Please be aware that the trail map is still a work in progress and not available at this point.

Phase 2 of the rebuild is set to begin shortly. This means that the former TNC location, as well as neighboring establishments What the Buzz and Dancing Rabbit, will be temporarily closed until the completion of this phase. While access to this area will be restricted during this time, please understand that this is solely due to the reconstruction efforts, and there is no personal restriction or ban in place.

Following Phase 2, Phase 3 will be initiated, with more details to be provided soon.

We invite you to come enjoy the newly opened lodge and trailhead. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to a TNC Admin Team member and thank you as always, for your continued support of The Nature Collective.

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