For Ree, SL is about the people – those who are what they are in whichever life and not afraid to show it, whether that be through music, creating a sim which inspires, or another pathways. Ree has always enjoyed learning and then if lucky, teaching what she’s learned to someone else. She came to Second Life out of pure curiosity and has stayed for the friendships, memories, laughter, and skills (yes skills) that she’s picked up along the way.

The Nature Collective opened up her SL again. It provided new places to dream, people to share it with and another area to learn – which she needed at the time. So now, she’s giving back to the greatest bunch of people she currently knows and going to try sharing what her eyes see, with others in The Nature Collective.

10 Random Facts About Ree:
1. Ree loves laughing until the tears come and her stomach hurts
2. Her world revolves around music – every important moment is bookmarked with a song
3. She is mesmerized by thunderstorms and the rainbows that sometimes appear afterwards
4. Ree spends every minute she can outdoors, usually with her hands in the dirt
5. She sings loudly at red lights because she likes seeing people laugh
6. Doesn’t like Coffee, Roses, or Chocolate
7. Her favorite author is Gabriel Garcia Marquez
8. Her favorite color is clay – the reddish orange kind you find while digging
9. Her favorite aroma is the smell of freshly cut wood on a jobsite
10. Ree makes a huge mess when brushing her teeth, every single time