Emm joined SL in early 2021 after re-watching The Office and seeing Dwight Schrute living his best life not once, but twice… and here she is. At heart, Emm is an introverted iced-coffee addict who has a thing for nature, saving bees, rainy days, all things cottagecore, documentaries, naps, no pants, tacos, ukuleles and hugging trees. Her favorite thing to do in SL is explore, especially nature spaces – which led her to create The Nature Collective. Emm founded The Nature Collective as a way to bring together creators of nature spaces in SL and those who like to explore them and to help people reconnect with the wonder and joy of nature not only in Second Life, but also in their day to day lives.

While Emm is passionate about nature in all worlds, her greatest passion is saving our pollinator friends, especially the bees and more specifically, native bees. This passion led her to create What the Buzz, a semi-interactive bee reserve in Second Life located next to The Nature Collective, with the hopes of educating and inspiring others to do what they can to help save our pollinator friends.

Emm really just loves to create nature spaces and can’t seem to stop building them. You can visit Cornelia Street, one of Emm’s favorite builds, which Inara Pey recently described as the “winter-streets-of-New-York-meets-Dickens’-Victorian-England.” Emm also loves cats and thus it was only a matter of time before she created a cat cafe in SL. You can visit Toe Beans Cat Cafe & Rescue and help support Emm and her crazy cat lady habits!

10 Random Facts About Emm:
1. She is a total tree-hugging, brake-for-squirrels, lover of all things nature!
2. She is ambidextrous but uses her left hand for almost everything
3. She is seriously addicted to iced coffee. Seriously. You will never see in her in SL without her coffee!
4. She is an Autumn soul waiting through the seasons to get back to where she belongs
5. She currently has 15 16 plants and counting in her RL place
6. She prefers rainy days over sunny days
7. She has never been stung by a bee
8. She is distantly related to Henry David Thoreau but Emily Dickinson is her favorite writer
9. She dislikes milk and has never drank just a glass of it – she does however, love almond milk
10. She couldn’t do any of this without her partner in crime, Garrett and without all of the help of all of the wonderful Nature Collective volunteers!