Why Verdandi (yummy.tamale) came to Second Life in search of a hug in 2005. Yes, a hug. She was playing a game called “There,” where avatars could not hug each other. When she asked why not, she was told the graphics would poke through. Since she heard avatars in SL could hug, she created an account and logged in to see how Linden Lab handled this business of “pokage.” And she just never left. Why is an avid roleplayer and photographer in SL. She also loves to explore, play games, and talk to the global population that makes up this virtual world. In RL, she’s a published writer and photographer, blogger, and eternal college student.

10 Random Facts About Why:
1. She uses Second Life as a creative outlet, which helps her manage her depression and anxiety.
2. She writes bad poetry.
3. To her, music is life.
4. She’s a former military brat, living near a military town in Texas.
5. She’s crazy about the color green.
6. She once published a successful newspaper in SL.
7. She’s had her 15 minutes of fame… and hated it.
8. She has an emotional support dog named Neerah, which means “bringer of light.”
9. She’s very into genealogy.
10. She used to be an artist… but she took an arrow to the knee.