Rig is a virtual photographer, reporter & visual storyteller and he doesn’t let the fear of judgment stop him from taking great photos. He captures the moments as they unfold, without over-thinking or editing and shares his stories with the world, letting people react as they will. While they’re busy with their opinions, Rig keeps on taking more photos!

Joining the TNC Bloggers Team is a wonderful and exhilarating experience for Rig. He has always been fascinated by SL Creators and their ability to bring nature to life in the virtual world. “The Nature Collective” is especially remarkable for bringing these immersive and realistic environments to us all, which can be enjoyed by anyone who loves nature. Rig looks forward to discovering new places and sharing them with people through his blog posts.

10 Random Facts About Rig:
1. His avatar is a Dinkie Sphynx Cat.
2. Rig’s Flickr account started in 2019 and he’s been in SL since 2019 as a Dinkie and a Sphynx Cat for 1 year 8 months!
3. Rig has a total of 35k Flickr photos which he tries to list in albums – which is as hard as one would think and it is always changing!
4. He has a tendency to be manic and capture excessive amounts of images.
5. When he’s on a photo-shoot, he has his Spotify playing and is in another world.
6. He is currently working with Midjourney AI and the art that can be created with it blows his mind!
7. He is amazed at the incredible “street art” – some are fantastic.
8. He is in love with vending machines.
9. He likes SL Companions and admires the continuous improvement and innovation that the developers have shown!
10. He is a coffee drinking cat and his favorite food is fish!