Pooka can usually be found rambling through the wild places in Second Life, daydreaming and taking pictures. She enjoys immersing herself in the virtual landscapes, feeling the grass between her toes, the wind in her hair, the melodies of the native wildlife becoming the soundtrack to her journey. Through photography she attempts to capture these moments and share them.

10 Random Facts About Pooka:
1. Though her avatar may be human or animal, she is always just herself.
2. Has been in and out of SL for 17 years and tried a little bit of everything.
3. Loves the creative possibilities inherent in SL and finds real joy exploring other people’s daydreams.
4. Prefers cats and spiders but loves all the critters.
5. Coffee, pizza, and chocolate are her favourite fuel sources.
6. Has been called a witch since a small child because her birthday is Halloween.
7. Is Scottish.
8. Writes terrible poetry.
9. Really loves the James Stewart movie ‘Harvey’.
10. Wants to help save the world.