Min started SLing in 2007, left in 2015, and returned to SL in her current av in 2016. Having done a little of this and a little of that through most of her time in this world — including blogging and photography; running cafes, art galleries, and a book club; managing retail and residential rentals; organizing social and charitable events; and even a KittyCats store during their heyday — she now considers herself SL-retired and will only do things she finds truly enjoyable on her own schedule.

Like wandering through nature sims! Min’s love of nature is centered on animals and expands to their environments. She believes SL landscapes only truly come to life when there are animals, birds, and insects present. Min appreciates natural environments that invite immersion, and she especially loves exploring them with friends and loved ones.

10 Random Facts About Min:
1. Works in an art museum in RL and sometimes wishes it was an natural history museum
2. Enjoys SL camping, but will not camp in RL, unless it’s at the Ahwahnee … the Ahwanee would be acceptable
3. Only wears blue, black, gray, and white, both lives, almost always
4. Has the recessive gene that makes ginger and cilantro taste like soap
5. Taught her cat to sit, high-five, fist-bump, and turn around during quarantine
6. US mainland happy place: the small beach to the west of Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove, CA — could stand here forever watching the harbor seals
7. US non-mainland happy place: Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, Kilauea, Kauai’i, HI — endless, varied birdwatching, with whales, dolphins, and sea turtles off the point
8. Non-US happy place: Bass Rock, an island just off the coast of North Berwick in Scotland — with 150,000 gannets on the rock, on the water, and in the air, it was like being in an Attenborough-narrated documentary
9. Favorite conservation success story: California Brown Pelican, with high hopes for similar for the California Condor
10. Loves the rain, hides from the sun