Mara, the visionary behind Mist Valley, is the proud owner of the enchanting haven. Located in the scenic embrace of Mariposa County, California, Mist Valley is a genuine treasure trove of natural splendor and tranquility. It offers a captivating fusion of verdant forests, glistening waterfalls, and awe-inspiring panoramas.

In RL, Mara currently resides in the stunning state of Idaho. Though frequently associated with its renowned potatoes, Idaho is brimming with natural wonders. It has breathtaking landscapes, numerous enjoyable activities, and warm, hospitable residents.

In her previous role as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a board game company, she had the privilege of traveling the world, and it was indeed the most fulfilling career.

10 Random Facts About Mara:
1. She has three beautiful sons and a fantastic husband.
2. She has a deep affection for the outdoors.
3. She is an unabashed science enthusiast who revels in reading.
4. Owls, in all their wisdom, resonate with her spirit.
5. While she tends to be introverted, she can intentionally tap into my extroverted side when needed.
6. Her passion revolves around creativity, and it brings me joy to share it with others.
7. Spreading happiness to others brings joy to her heart.
8. Sitting beside a campfire fills her with a sense of tranquility.
9. Second Life has become her primary life due to health issues.
10. She holds a deep affection for creatures of all sizes, from the grandest to the tiniest.