Kup joined SL from Australia over 13 years ago to see what she could create in this virtual world. After a few years, a lot of creativity, exploring, RP’ing as a high Elf, and the arrival of mesh (which meant a whole new wardrobe – oh no!) Kup left SL, however returned in 2022 to find an amazing new world (and a better wardrobe – yay!) For Kup, this new world contains more creativity, her incredible boyfriend, some brilliant friends, new adventures and many possibilities.

In SL you will often find Kup exploring or relaxing in gorgeous sims or dancing at clubs with her besties, shopping, creating, spending time with her boyfriend, making you coffee at her little gas station and café, Down The Road on the Mainland continent of Satori, or keeping the animals fed and the grass mowed at Lot 64 – a garden, farm, bar and gallery along Route 8, also on Satori. Kup’s love of creativity extends to photography, you can see her photography here.

10 Random Facts About Kup:
1. In RL, Kup has studied graphic design, interior design and visual art… she loves printmaking, drawing, installation art and even knitting!
2. Kup is left handed and is still yet to master the art of ‘not smudging the ink with her hand’
3. Having visited multiple countries (mostly for work), Kup loves to travel in both RL and SL. She is looking forward to her next adventure.
4. An animal and nature lover, Kup has 4 tattoos in RL; some flowers, a bee and one of her Border Collie Ash.
5. Kup has a strong dislike (some call it a phobia) of moths!
6. A lover of a music, Kup can play the drums and was in a band in high school
7. Kup’s favourite scent is jasmine
8. You are more likely to see Kup in boots or flats in SL than in heels
9. At last count, Kup has over 40 indoor plants in RL… with almost as many filling up her SL home – oops
10. An inspiring book with a nature focus, Kup’s favourite book is Unbowed: A Memoir Book by Wangari Maathai