Kestrel Evergarden is an avid nature enthusiast with a deep love for green spaces and blue skies. First drawn to SL over 15 years ago by the freedom of creation and unbounded imagination, her time in SL now is focused on her creative ventures, maintaining meaningful relationships, and exploring the magic and beauty of this still-wonderous virtual playground.

10 Random Facts About Kes:
1. Kes is a brilliant photographer who started with landscapes.
2. It is entirely possible that she is a manifestation of darkness and chaos.
3. Kes enjoys sailing and exploring, but is equally comfortable curled up with a movie or a good book.
4. Once a week, she plays Dungeons & Dragons.
5. Kes has a private shrine to Aurelio Voltaire.
6. When not actively working towards world domination, you can usually find Kes plotting crimes and planning heists.
7. Did you know that Kes is multi-lingual? She is fluent in Sarcasm, Typonese, and Obscenities.
8. Kes is most definitely a Slytherin and a Sith lord.
9. Her favorite place in RL is a Dunkin Donuts that gets her order right….but she hasnt found one yet.
10. In RL, Kes is an artist and writer, as well as a freelance Graphic Designer with two kids who are just as nerdy as she is.