Edward Teech (Ed, or Edward, please not Eddie) is on his second time through SL. He found that he really missed this wonderful world, and so he came back with a very different perspective. Ask him about that perspective, and he’ll tell you a story. He loves exploring and building, but his absolute SL obsession is sailing. If you would like to sail or learn how to sail, just ask him. It’s a lot of fun!

10 Random Facts About Edward:
1. Passionate about 3 things; fiction, music, and art.
2. Loves the Lord of the Rings quad, and The Dark Tower series.
3. Wants to set classic poetry works to rap/edm.
4. If he’s working on something and focusing, he’s listening to trance.
5. Dogs over cats…Cats are ok, but a dog saved his life.
6. Oxford commas! Enough said.
7. Loves to learn new things, and figure out how stuff works.
8. His grandfather and mentor’s name was Ed. But he named his avi after Blackbeard because of his love of sailing.
9. His grandfather is responsible for his love of sailing.
10. Habitual jokester, if you are wondering if he’s joking, then he probably is.