Chrysty joined Second Life 13 years ago out of sheer curiosity and has never left since! From her beginnings at Orientation Island to DJ’ing, RP’ing, Sailing, shopping, playing board games, breeding animals and embracing all that Second Life has to offer. Her true enjoyment comes from exploring beautiful and creative places, especially nature and fantasy type spaces within this vast and limitless world.

She loves spending time roaming the grid with her French Bulldog, George, in tow just taking it all in and stopping at almost every cafe she comes in contact with for a cup of virtual caffeine. She has made many wonderful friends in SL that soon became RL friends, including her fellow military veterans.

Chrysty is super excited to be joining the team of volunteers at TNC and is looking forward to working with others as we share and bring the beauty of nature to life in Second Life.

10 Random Facts About Chrysty:
1. She met her RL husband in SL.
2. She really does have a French Bulldog named George in RL. He’s 12 years old and looks exactly like the one she has in-world.
3. Loves 80’s music.
4. She will rewatch episodes of The Golden Girls a million times and they will never get old.
5. She loves to read…. Like a lot……pretty much any genre.
6. She fell in love with Europe and the slower pace of life there and wouldn’t mind moving there one day.
7. Wishes she had a dragon, like Daenerys Targaryen.
8. Adores a good, hot cup of Rooibos Tea.
9. Suffers from Wanderlust something terrible!
10. Tries to find beauty in the most ordinary and simplest things.