Bryce Sun

Bryce joined SL in 2010 after sitting in her apartment for too long while recovering from surgery. She had binged watched all of BBCs Robin Hood and had a desire for immersive Roleplay and had thought SL might have the goods. Finding said goods, Bryce lived for 6 years in a medieval community and was part of logging over 5,000 RP logs. After a long break from SL she came back in and sunk her teeth into DJing, clothing creation and building random things for people to enjoy.

Currently Bryce has taken on some new projects to help not only beautify and breathe life into the SL Mainland, but also support creative minds who need a cheerleader and boost up to make their creative dreams come true. From logo creation to sim builds, Bryce is a jack of all trades and likes to share what she has with others to help them bring life to their ideas.

10 Random Facts About Bryce:
1. She is a bit obsessed with unicorns.
2. She snorts almost all the time when she laughs.
3. She drinks entirely too much coffee.
4. She is covered in husky fur almost all the time.
5. As a Pisces and INFJ, she is a bit weird.
6. She embraces being weird.
7. She LOVES snow and the ocean but lives in the land locked deep south.
8. She very often is chewing gum in RL AND SL.
9. She talks to inanimate objects regularly and even starts singing at them randomly.
10. She uses SL to help with her creative ideas and social anxiety.