Bear was dragged begrudgingly into SL by his RL friend and SL sister, Indigoscales. He quickly fell in love with the RP community there, and the spaces they were creating. He began exploring nature spaces while looking for beautiful places to take his wife dancing, and was so enamored with what he stumbled across in his travels that he felt compelled to share them.

IRL, Bear is an Indigenous American writer and animal rescuer who has spent two decades teaching about the importance of native reptiles, their critical role in our ecosystem, and breaking misconceptions about them. He has had a profound appreciation and respect for the natural world since childhood.

IW, Bear can often be found tending to his coffee shop, Sugar Shack Safehouse, creating art at his studio, Casa Del Oso, or lurking around any number of RP and nature sims as a Faun, a Satyr, a Triton, or the rarest and most mystical of all creatures, a Firefighter.

10 Random Facts About Bear:
1. Bear is an axe throwing and weightlifting enthusiast
2. Bear is a hopeless romantic and his builds tend to skew towards the romantic and whimsical side of naturalistic
3. Bear has lived a semi nomadic life across a large portion of the United States
4. Bear tends to hibernate in winter
5. Bear repairs typewriters, rebuilds antique bicycles, and restores/customizes vintage toys for a living
6. Bear’s favorite travel buddies are two deaf kittens who are as adventurous as he is
7. Bear was the first person in his family get his great-grandmother’s philodendron to bloom
8. Bear is a font of strange and mostly useless information
9. Bear shuffles cards “backwards”
10. Bear is a hot sauce fanatic who earned the nickname “Ol’ Ironguts” due to his legendary spice tolerance