Augusta turned her time reading home magazines into a creative outlet and is very fortunate to blog for several home decor/furnishing creators in Second Life. She also has her own residential sim which gives her space to create and is also a proud resident of The Grove. If there is a shopping event, you will find her there as she struggles to keep her inventory below 122,000 items!

10 Random Facts About Augusta:
1. She loves antique dollhouses
2. She loves rescue dogs
3. She also loves the Big Bang Theory
4. She works in IT Tech
5. Colorado is her heart’s home
6. She currently lives on the water in the mid-Atlantic
7. She rode horses in crazy cross country events and totally scared herself in the process
8. She is crazy for aqua-scaping and raising shrimps
9. She is not a fan of small children
10. She loves music, music, music and studied art but can’t draw a straight line or a human likeness