Alecio joined SL 14 years ago but took 4 years off so it’s actually more like 10. She is an artist in RL but in SL has been a Landscape Design Contractor going on 3 years now. Other hobbies in SL include motorcycles and Alecio is the founder of the “Fuckers Riding Club” which was established in 2019 and is still going strong. She loves exploring in SL and photographing the landscape work that amazes her. So much goes into creating a sim, from the people who put the sims together, to the objects used – from the trees and rocks to rivers, oceans and beaches – someone created all of those objects for landscapers to use. So Alecio joined The Nature Collective as a blogger to share the talents of others in an attempt to showcase all the work it takes to make landscape and sim design magic happen.

10 Random Facts About Alecio:
1. Alecio’s nickname is AL
2. Her favorite motorcycle in RL and SL is an Indian Scout
3. She has two tabby cats who have decided that she’s a human cat tree
4. Alecio’s attempt at imitating foreign accents makes for a good time
5. She has an amazing partner in SL who puts up with her random moments
6. In SL she is the leader of a motorcycle gang called the “Fuckers Riding Club”
7. As the leader of the Fuckers, they call her the Mutha fucker
8. Alecio’s favorite thing to do is SL, beside riding w/ her crew, is to design landscapes for people
9. She enjoys exploring in SL and photographing the areas that inspire her
10. In her inventory, she has more rocks and trees than she do shoes… and that’s saying a lot because she has a lot of shoes!